About arp spoofing

actualluy i am using kali linux machine as VM and i am attacking arp spoof attack using bettercap and we are both on bridge network but its not working all commands are running as showed in the lecture but it does not shows any information is there any thing i am doing wrong please help

What is the IP in your Windows VM as well as Kali VM?

my ip for windows is and for the kali vm its
and actually i am doing this attack on host machine not on VM machine

Oh I see, what is your host IP then? Is it in the same subnet as or not?

windows is my host machine and I already mentioned ip adreeses is plz bro help me

did you try using arspoof tool to see if the spoofing is successful or not and your internet is still working after the spoof or not?

yaah it was working in the same manner as illustrated …but then i am using bettercap for sniffing it doesn’t working that why asked you in first place so please tell me what to do

I need some screenshots from your terminal to help you here.

Did you check the arp table on your windows machine to see if the arp entry is spoofed or not? Also, did you face any errors while typing any command in the bettercap? Do you have every property set on like net.probe, net.recon, net.sniff?

After switching on net.sniff, do you see any traffic entries on Kali whenever you open any website on your Windows machine?