About MiTM

you said that you cannot find the host machine with VM machine .it will only discover VM machines but in lecture to find an ios device also i want to know that if i am using kali linux as main machine and i want to mitm attack on the other computer who are connected to the same network then if there ip addresses are not same then how i will be able to do mitm attack on it/

My last advice on this would be:

If you are in the VM kali, and trying to find something outside the VM. You then need to be on either “BRIDGED network” or “NAT” network.

the ip range of 10.x.x.xx is usually used between VMs, otherwise try with 192.xxx.xx.xx

sir i am on bridge network and but after running everything acuurately but whem i open the site on the targeted machine it doesnt shows any data why these is happening and ya i am using kali as VM and attacking the host machine plz help

What is the IP addr of your VM as well as target machine? Are they bot on the same subnet?