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Hey! What certifications do I need to start my career? What happens if I pass on CySA+ or Pentest+? And can I pass on it right away? What can you recommend so that you can already look for a job in the field of information security? Thanks you…


Certifications are not an absolute necessity to start your career, they might make it easier but aren’t exactly necessary.

I would highly recommend reading this:

Personally, I got Security+, CEH after studying for about 2 months before landing my first job.

I would recommend checking out the linkedin/indeed job board postings t figure out what the market generally requires in your region. Then check for whether the certificate is feasible and within your budget.
You can always convince a company that you are willing to get the requisite certificates in the first 6 months of the job(basically on their dime!)

Finally CySA+ and Pentest+ are excellent starter certifications, you would need to study for them though, don’t expect to pass without studying. For penetration testing eJPT is also a good albeit a slightly pricier option.

Hope this helps!

Are these certification available through stationx that we can include in our resume?

No the certifications are independent exams