About the ip adresses again

actually i installed kali linux as virtual box on win dows 10 and they are connected to the same network but when i am using the netdiscover -r it does not showing the windows 10 i tried even zenmap and why there ip adresses are so different windows 10 and linux as virtual box has ? and how to resolve it i can practice mitm attack until you give solution of this. plz …help
and yaa i am not using windows as VM it is installed as main Os . and i installed linux in VM on it . but they are both connected to the same network so what i can do now tell me? what i have to do

You cannot find the Host computer through the VM linux. You need to install a windows VM with NAT network (allow VMs setting on), in order to finde anything.

VM can only find other VM through ARP scan

but in the course he was able to find the android and other stuff …??

and yaa i wanna ask that if i am using kali as main Os and i wanna attack other computer or tablet or iphone as he did so actually as you said it will discover only the VM machine so in that case why he is detecting them can you explaain