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Hello Sir I have a major prob with this

It seem’s I have already 40 dollar in there but why my card was declined so sad …

problem solve thank you sir @NathanHouse :slight_smile: thank God I beat the Buzzer heheh

I’m verry happy for this and verry excited

That’s good!

Cards can be declined for a 100 reasons. Best to contact your bank to see if it is them.

Its ok now sir @NathanHouse the problem is they dont have any info about their short charge… anyway I’m happily enrolled now :slight_smile:

Correct! Is Virtual Machine/Virtual Box the same as Hypervisor?

Virtual box is a single example of a hypervisor. Virtual box runs virtual machines. See me lectures on virtual machines for more info.

Hi guys !
Hope you guys having a great day!
Just wondering is anyone using Mac OX in this course? I was trying to use AES on my device but the video doesn’t show the steps of AES on MacOX. Much appreciate and happy to learn :slight_smile: