Account recovery

I need guide I have a email account and I m not able to login again I try recovery password for that gmail account and many other ways , but nothing work so, I thought to ask you is there any way to get access that account back…

I would think, unfortunately, that you would need to deal with Google for any chance of getting access to the account recovered. StationX maybe able to recover your StationX account with further details but I’m just assuming. I don’t actually know. This probably doesn’t help though as you are already logged into your StationX account to post in the forum.

You may be able to try contacting them directly with the contact form to verify if you are actually having trouble accessing a StationX account…

In future it may be best to setup a secondary recovery email account to avoid this situation happening again :c

Is there any way to hack own account to get access I m not able to login because of 2FA any hack to access any one please

Are you talking about the StationX account or some social media account? If it is some social media account, you have to visit their support page and email them. If it is a StationX account, please go to the contact page as suggested in the previous answer.

No, I m talking about my gmail account
Thanks for replying