Ad blocking with Adguard

I’m using Adguard software for ad blocking and I find it very effective. Is it any good? It uses its own cookies and certificates and filters a bit different than browser extensions.

I’d not even heard of this before. When you say it uses its own certificates? do you mean it creates the HTTPs tunnel not the browser? If thats the case that would scare me.

It filters traffic before loading to browser and it needs you to install certificate to filter HTTPs traffic. They say it is faster and more effective. From my experience it is indeed blocking more ads than other ad blockers.

You dont want anything that breaks your HTTPs it creates an attack surface and not a theoretical one either. This is a known issue.

If you read this study you’ll find that most interceptors actually make your crypto worse!!

There is no need to do this either. They can look at the traffic post and pre encryption as the software is on the client.

I prefer ublock origin and umatrix.

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