Adeept program trying to run a module that doesn't exist?

I’m currently attempting to code the Adeept Robotic Arm Kit for Arduino and I’ve ran into an issue. One of the programs provided by Adeept that we need to use is trying to use a module that evidently doesn’t exist? I’ve tried downloading “Adeept” with pip but it also said that this doesn’t exist. if anyone else is also using this robotic arm kit, could you help me or point me in the right direction? Thank you in advance to anyone who might give me asnwers.

Another couple things to add.
1: This error message was incredibly annoying to try and screenshot because it always closes the window very quickly after it popped up. If it’s an incomplete error, that’s probably why.
2: I have an image of me trying to download it with pip if anyone wants proof.

Hi, I am not sure if you will find answer to this on this forum. You can try googling and finding arduino specific forums