Advice Bluetooth LE equipment Pen Testing

Bluetooth LE equipment Pen Testing.

I am looking for help/advice/recommendations for the following:-

  1. of the courses on StationX which would be a good combination to help me develop a testing method/procedure ? Is there a Kali course which goes through all the tools?
  2. to understand the best tools to successfully compile a report on the equipments resilience or weaknesses.
  3. which suite of tools are the best current combination to use for monitoring/Pentest and reporting on BTLE equipment?
  4. finally has anyone a recommendation, for a piece of BTLE equipment that can used as the target . I want to be able to manipulate services and characteristic values safely to ensure I can open or close access to prove the testing strategy has been successful or not

Lab - Kali 2021.1 installed on a Raspberry Pi4 with the standard Kali Bluetooth tools.

One last thing I have read that hcitool and gatttool are deprecated is this correct, if so what has replaced them?

Thanks in advance.