I am working on the "Complete Ethical Hacking Course Bundle, unit #4 “Learn Network hacking from Scratch” and am on Lesson #29, 30, 31 & 32 and am not able to run the aircrak-ng shown in lesson #32, I have already made my word list but have not idea of where to find the test-handshake-1.cap or the wpa-wordlist files. when I try to run them I get back directory not found??? Any Help would be appriciated.

There should be a link in the course, there’s probably a link in the VIP section here, which should be linked to from the course material.

The cap file or capture files, aren’t standard, they’re provided for the course, that’s why you’re getting the error.

Tks for info, I will check into what you suggested, tks again

I have gone back and tried to figure out how to run “aircrack-ng” as shown in lesson#32, but am having no luck. I did run all the leading up lessons and did get the notice in lesson 31 that I got the handshake, but am now lost in how to run aircrack-ng and see if the password will be reveiled as I know the password and my “pattern-wordlist” file which I put in the wordlists file in usr/share folder does have the password in it. I am at a total loss at this point…tks for any help…SMJ41