Airodump-ng reporting multiple BSSID's for one router

I’m currently in section 7 of the ethical hacking from scratch course. When I run airodump-ng to get my wi-fi MAC address, I end up with 3-5 different MAC addresses showing that have the ESSID of my network, all running on the same channel. I have given my router a unique name, so I’m not picking up the ESSID of another wifi network. The command I used was airodump-ng --band abg wlan0. When I run airodump-ng against the resulting BSSID’s (airodump-ng –bssid --channel 6 --write wlan0), most of them show no devices connected. One showed a single device connected, which is a Windows laptop. But I have multiple Windows computers, a Raspberry Pi, and several mobile devices connected to this network. The router is a Netgear Nighthawk X10, model R9000. I’m using the Alfa AWUS036ACH in monitor mode. Any idea why I’m seeing my router’s ESSID show up on multiple lines with different BSSID’s for each? Could it be related to the fact that I have a mesh network set up using Eero pods?

It can be a mesh network. You can’t get multiple Mac addresses for the same device or router. You have a mesh network so every device has its own MAC address. You can choose any of them I assume but you may have to read how mesh network connects devices.

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