Am not able to connect wireless adapter to kali on virtual box

I am using windows as host ,I followed the procedures but no help .the problem is once I turn on the virtual box the card gets disconnected and when I add the card after startup same issue occours.the wireless card am using is panda Pau06 .please help I have tried every way to it.

In this case if I am not selecting wireless card it turns on ,but once I turn usb settings on card won’t connect on vm machine

Can you try using the same card in some VMWare VM?

The problem is am getting the available network to connect but when the password is given it can’t connect . I.e problem is with connection with network
Error is connection failed : activation of network connection failed.

Are you trying both the things on kali? or did you try any other OS? This is to see if your adaptor is not working correctly or is it Kali that is the problem here?

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Ter was firmware problem here, I got it .