Am not understading the difference between Tunneling through HTTP proxies vs dynamic port fowarding sock5 proxy

hello am doing the course and am on part 82. Outbound Bypassing - Tunneling through HTTP proxies.

what i don’t understand is can’t we just do a dynamic port fowarding on say port 8181 and route our traffic through an ssh port without needing to use corkscrew and such.

for example, let’s say ssh port 22 is blocked. can’t we make an ssh connection to our server on port say 443 and do a dynamic port fowarding let say on port 8181 and therefore create a sock 5 proxy without the need of proxytunnel or corkcrew.

basicly i don’t understand the difference between what cork screw is doing vs a dynamic port tunnel sock 5 proxy.

The purpose of the video was to tunnel through a proxy to circumvent firewall rules. You can definitively use dynamic port forwarding to make a tunnel, but this will not be routed through a proxy. In other words, the IP will not change/traffic will not go through a proxy, but it will directly go through your router.