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After 20 years in accounting, I am contemplating a career change. Its due to a combination of boredom with accounting, a new found fascination for Cybersecurity and elements of midlife crisis. I am turning 44 so a part of me would like me to put this in the ‘too hard’ basket and hope that its just a phase that will pass. But the other part is eager to embark on this exciting path and never look back.

I wont make it too long. Basically I am brand new to IT and cybersecurity and even newer here at StationX. I have contemplated doing a Masters/Bachelors in cybersecurity, acquire certifications and enlist in a bootcamp. But the only thing I have actually done is purchase a bunch of online courses. For the past month and a half, I have regularly spent my evenings self studying. But in all honesty, I feel that information retention is an issue and can’t see how one can hold all this knowledge while continuing a day job in an unrelated field.

Has anyone else here managed to pull this off? How did you do it? Also can I get some advice on where to begin at StationX? I have started with the Complete CyberSecurity course but feel like I may have skipped ahead.

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Hi and welcome,

If you have no experience at all, I would start with “CompTIA IT fundamentals”.
Then I would start with Linux.
Jason Cannon’s courses are great.
After that, Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch by Zaid Al-Quraish is a very good start.

Thank you Edwin. I will do that. But just curious that it’s ok to go from fundamentals to Linux and ethical hacking without a solid foundation in networking? One of my major struggles is deciding on the order of things. Every time I think I have it figured, I end up reading or hearing something new and begin to second guess my choices. As an example, I started out trying to learn Python only to realise that that could wait till much later. Guess this is what makes self study especially challenging.

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Check all the CompTIA courses they also cover networking.
With CompTIA you go from the very basic to advanced.
After that you can just choose what you want to learn.

This one is nice if you want to learn more about subnetting.

And you can just search on youtube for subnetting
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