Are security certificates worth doing?

Are they worth the time and effort?

Are security certs a good idea?

Generally yes. It depends why you want a security certificate in the first place though.

Is it for increased job opportunities? Then I recommend you check out the local market to see what certs they are looking for and get the certs that match the jobs you want.

If its for increased knowledge and skill they are also viable too.

What certificates you want to go for depends on your goals. Some example here

CISSP for general security and often the first cert to get
ISO 27001 LA and CISA for audit work
OSCP for serious pen testing
CEH for introduction to pen testing
CREST for pen testing in the UK
CISM for security management
SABSA for business engagement and security architecture, CISO (Highly recommended)
Masters Degree for management and CISO
SANS - Lots of options here
Security + entry level general security

I plan to do a course on CISSP.


Dear Nathan,

I’ve found the CISSP Exam Preparation Training Course by Mohamed Atef, but it says it is not open for enrollment now. Can you tell me when it will be open again and what the expected price range might be? (or if a new course is coming…)

Thanks a lot, regards,

It should be available in VIP.