ARP spoof function

I was doing well on the “Learn Python and Ethical Hacking From Scratch” course.

I was on the ARP Spoofer chapter on the Creating an ARP Response video. I was around the 3 minute mark when the course said that the bottom IP/MAC was the windows virtual machine. I didn’t have the windows virtual machine show up in the network scanner. I’ve tried changing the network of the windows vm. I’ve tried changing the network scanner. The arpspoof function didn’t work either. I checked the Kali and Windows vms ips. The Windows vm is and the Kali Linux vm says and I’m really not sure what’s wrong. The windows vm is on the NAT(network). The Kali Machine is on the NatNetwork. I’m on Windows 10 if that helps.

Could you help me fix this?



Editors Note
I’ve solved the problem. it was the network the windows vm was on. Thank you to those who even read this. You don’t need to answer the question now. You can if you want to. I wont stop you.


ok, that’s great.

about me “solving the problem”. It stopped working. it kept flashing on whether it worked or not. arp -a also cames up with AND Its really acting wierd.

Are you able to make a successful ARP spoof or not first? By that I mean your victim route going to your attacker machine and then from there, it goes to the router. It is shown in the " Redirecting the Flow of Packets in a Network Using arpspoof" lecture.

No. It doesn’t let me arp spoof the windows vm. It doesn’t even say that the windows vm is on the same network.

If your Windows is not on the same network then how can you do an ARP spoof? Try changing the network adaptors and see if it fixes the issue. Both systems should be on the same network route for ARP spoof to work.