ARP Spoofing no longer working

Hi there,
I’m doing Zaid’s ‘learn Python and Ethical hacking From Scratch’ course. Everything has previously been working fine, I was able to get the ARP spoofer working without needing the ip forwarding, which I thought was odd, and implemented it anyway. However as I’ve gone to run the ARP spoofer with the packet sniffer, the packets are sending and the target Windows machine MAC address is altered as expected, but there is no longer an internet connection.
I tried enabling IP forwarding again, but nothing made a difference, and the massage that was coming was in relation to the DNS address not being found… Could anyone help me with this?

Can you check if both the machines are on same route by using something like route -n? I guess it should be on same route if you were able to change the Windows MAC as expected. Another thing to test is do the same process on 2 VMs connected on the same network (I am considering that your Windows is your host machine, if not then leave this step) and see if it works or not.