Arp Spoofing not working

When i use bettercap, from my VM Kali on my different, real machine, windows. It doesn’t change anything on Win when i type arp -a in cmd. Router has it’s original MAC adress. I’m connected in Kali to same Wi-Fi with Alfa AWUS036NHA, in managed mode with changed mac adress, is that a problem, that i have mac adress like: 00:11:22:33:44:55 ?

Few things to check/try:

  1. See if both Windows and your VM are on the exact same network route. For eg - 192.168.5.x on both where x will be different in each case.
  2. Try it without Mac spoofing. Just do normal Arp spoof

If bettercap is not working, try basic ettercap. If ettercap works then it has to do something with bettercap.

  1. Yes, they are.
  2. What do you mean by “normal Arp spoof”? I’m doing bettercap arp.spoof, without any different features.
    I will try ettercap but now i have more problems. Bypassing HTTPS doesn’t work in any try i’ve done. I’ve red all things on forum, and I’m still stuck.

and arp spoofing work in Nat Network with VM windows, but https degrading doesn’t.

Bypassing https is a tricky thing. Nowadays with tls and modern browsers being more secure, it is hard to do hsts bypass