Asus036ach not recognized in ubuntu

hi, none of my alfa usb wifi devices run in my dell ubuntu. I believe i need the drivers but don’t know how to get them and install them. any help would be appreciated.

Zaid has a YouTube video on how to install in Kali. You might want to try the instructions in Ubuntu.

Hi, I’ve tried it on my Kali machine and it works fine no problems. In Ubuntu I’ve tried to install the driver, not sure I did it right however when I run the command “dims status” it shows it installed but ifconfig and iwconfig does not recognize it. I’m running a Kali machine with my Ubuntu and that’s what I use on the road. Anything else I can try?

Maybe try this?

In those instructions it looks like the drivers are the same, however maybe the “sudo bash” then “apt install wireless-tools” makes a difference, but I don’t really know. Something to try.

I tried getting the AWUS036ACH to work on Linux Mint (Ubuntu derivative) while experimenting a couple years ago, and I had difficulty with it. Seems to me it just works best in Kali. Just my opinion.

thank you tried it and get “wireless-tools already installed”.
when i run the install for the realtek driver i get “unable to locate package”.
When i run sudo dkms status i see its installed, but the computer still doesn’t recognize it .
Is there any way to maybe activate it?
really appreciate your help.
thanks, stuart

Have a look at the following link. Seems to me when you are upgrading Ubuntu and kernels, you may have trouble getting and keeping the adaptor working. Your best bet will probably be downloading and trying drivers from Github following the directions carefully. I suggest reading the most current “update” at the top and following the directions below the last update section. It does matter what version of drivers you use - must match up with your current kernel.

Thank you again so much . I will give it a try in the morning!!

Were you successful with those instructions?

Sorry to say no. What I finally wound up doing is installing Kali as a main operating system. The AWUS036Ach works great on the main machine. However I installed vbox on this machine and Kali ova inside it. I followed the course instructions for the installation however when I plug in the wifi I receive a message on top of the screen “failed to attach usb device realtek802.11n to the virtual machine “. The WiFi is blinking blue but the machine won’t recognize. I tried another older adapter awus036h and it works. I’m at a complete loss. Could it just be a bad adapter?
Help! Thanx

Hi Eyak,

Please try to install the driver on a fresh install, connect the adapter directly to the PC port after Kali fully loads, and after you log in as root, and experiment setting the adapter to USB 3 and 2 in Kali USB settings in VBox with different USB ports on your PC.

Then reinstall the driver again and reboot Kali

apt-get update
apt-get install realtek-rtl88xxau-dkms

You can also try to install it again from this Github repo:

Got it, thanks. Needed to change usb settings. Works great through o Kali host machine. Still can’t get it to work though Ubuntu so I just gave up. Thanks for all your help!!!