Avast Antivirus "caught" my rev_https_8080_fr.bat [solved]

I ran the test through NoDistribute and all came back clean including Avast. When I went to download it in VirtualBox my REGULAR Windows Antivirus blocked it and said threat detected. I didn’t know antivirus on my OS would block a file in VirtualBox. Is that normal? AND, how did it just pass the test and then get caught 1 minute later? Any ideas?

Yeah sometimes nodistribute is not %100 up-to-date, checkout lecture 34 on how to manually modify bad files to make them bypass av programs, also I did mention in the lectures that bypassing AV is like a cat and mouse game, so sometimes the shown backdoors will not bypass all AV programs, but I showed you how to generate backdoors using 3 methods so that if one method is detected, you have 2 more methods to try.