AWUSO36NH issues


I am taking the ethical hacking course and I have the custom zSecurity Kali image installed on virtualbox 6.1. I am trying to get the dongle working but have been unsuccessful so far. When I follow the steps in the tutorial, the device is visible with a checkbox but I have no wlan0…

I did some research and if I plug it in and run apt-get install firmware-ralink, it activates the dongle and I can put it into monitor mode but cannot pick up any networks with airodump-ng…then if I restart the image it will not connect to the dongle and I have to restore…

I used the dongle under vmware on kali prior and I also just installed the latest version of Kali on an old laptop and the dongle works fine.

Any ideas why it will not work on the zSecurity image?


Hi, There may be many reasons for it to not work on this Kali Linux. Maybe it doesn’t have the proper drivers for your particular dongle, or maybe it has outdated libraries. You can use the latest version of Kali and install other libraries or tools as you need.