Backdoor.c, malwareplan.txt, malware.exe, server, server.c and finalproduct.exe

Hi @Aleksa T,
Thank you @StationX for the wonderful lectures. The above 6 desktop icons all show locked compared to Build Undetectable Malware Using C lecture 21 kalilinux desktop icons and they are not locked. I am obviously missing something. How do I unlock them please? However, everything work fine so far.
Also, how are you getting into the registry of the victim or did you use a different windows computer with the usb?
Please see attached.
Thanks in advance


Hi @Godwell_Manyangadze , the locked icon means that the user permission for those files are restricted to only just viewing and not editing or executing. You don’t need to worry about it unless you are editing the file. Also you should be able to edit the file by changing permissions if needed using chmod (just google how to use it)

Thank you @Apurv-StationX , I will chmod them.