Backdoor packaging - ConnectionResetError

I have recently finished Zaid’s backdoor. Everything worked perfectly. When I get back after some time to continue. I got to the packaging and when I get connection, every command I try to input returns the same error: ConnectionResetError: [Errno 104] Connection reset by peer

Using Win 10 to Kali VMs, tried to turn off all firewalls I found. It shouldn’t be a coding issue as I understand it. But I cant’t find any way to bypass it.

Thanks for help.

Did you check the IP addresses as in connecting to the correct IP? I know this may not be the issue but just to make sure. Connection reset can be for many reasons. Check if you can ping to the VM from your Windows? If you cannot then try fixing the network adapter of your VM

I did, everything works great. I even get the connection. However when I type in command (e.g. dir) and hit enter it disconnects and return this error.

Please try using print or logging to see where your script is working. As you said you are aware of coding. I assume that it is some issue with transferring bytes data from one system to another. Sometimes encoding the bytes gives error