Bdfproxy not working?

Course: Learn Ethical Hacking from Scratch
Lesson: Backdooring Downloads on the Fly to Hack Windows 10

I downloaded the file from the lecture and ran it. It installs successfully. After setting the configurations and running /opt/BDFProxy/ I get an error that libmproxy is missing and the proxy fails to start. Is there a way to get this tool to work, or an alternative tool to use for MITM download backdooring? I looked online and found out that bdfproxy is no longer being maintained.

It’s no longer maintained, but you can still use it with correct versions of mitmproxy and other tools. You can try to install the missing tools by yourself also.
I found only one tool that is similar to this. It is MITMf by MITM Labs. You can try that and see if that works or not.