Beef invalid username or password

i am on my latest version of kali linux with all updates installed. i have changed my default beef password from config.yaml. but when the beef login page opens up i and i login with my login credentials it shows an error “invalid username or password” even though my login credentials were exactly right. what do you think the problem is? please help me out

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Hi Anonymous,

Please restart beEF service after you change the credentials to the login page:
service beef-xss restart

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Go into the conf.yaml file for Beef in Beefs directory. This will show you the current login and password.

Hey bro i have the same problem as u can u tell me how did u solve the problem?

Did you try the two solutions provided in this post?

Same issue and already tried the above solutions no results

  • Make sure that you have correctly entered the username and password in the login form. It’s possible that you may have mistyped your credentials or that there is a typo in the config.yaml file.
  • Check the config.yaml file to ensure that the username and password you have entered are correctly formatted. Make sure that there are no extra spaces or other characters that could cause issues.