Beef is not working when tried using Bettercap

  • In the Ethical hacking from scratch course, I am doing the same as showed by @Zaid_Sabih the instructor. I have downloaded the inject_beef.js file from resources and gave that path in hstshijack caplet. As i am using custom kali provided by instructor it should work.

  • After giving the path in hstshijack caplet, i save it and ran bettercap as shown. Also have started Beef in the background. But still from Windows machine the website is getting downgraded to https but its not getting hoked in beef … can anyone help in this please??

The whole bettercap situation is very bad. Some things work and most of the things do not. As you may have already seen, we have lot of posts in this forum regarding Bettercap not working. There are multiple issues, new version of Kali, browser security, some libraries not working, etc. I always say whoever ask this Bettercap ques - it is not worth practically doing it. You waste a lot of time fixing everything and it just isn’t important in the real world.

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Just update to the latest version and stop asking questions about bettercap on a random forum like stationx…

The official page is

Official support is at bettercap · GitHub

Stop wasting your time asking people who don’t understand and don’t update their software

Literally everything works in bettercap, if it does not, then you didn’t read the documentation

“But I did apt-get bettercap”

Congratulations! You incorrectly installed an outdated version of bettercap from your APT repository. That’s not supported and you people keep cluttering the issues page, be it GitHub or some random forum.


I second that. Bettercap is and was a complete waste of my time and GitHub - arismelachroinos/lscript: The LAZY script will make your life easier, and of course faster. is a better alternative.