Beelogger osx [solved]

Does beelogger work on OSX?

No it doesn’t, there are no good keyloggers for OSX, all of them require the user to allow the application to access the keyboard from the settings which is very suspicious, and the ones that don’t require that won’t record passwords.

Thanks Zaid, thats very interesting to know, I’ve always wondered that.

why is beelogger now Zeelogger? its not the same as the download? or am I just plain thick?

I don’t think beelogger is not zeelogger. Zeelogger maybe something different. Beelogger is still there o GitHub

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  • if BeeLogger has installed successfully - mine has errors: Need Help!! BeeLogger | wine: cannot find ‘/root/.wine/drive_c/Python27/python.exe’ -
    wine is Installed - then it says something about updating pip - but pip is not supported by python as its out of date or something -
    lol - HELP
    went to the next lesson and it all about ZeeLogger?

What are you talking about pip not supported by python? Python uses pip to install packages. You can update pip using pip install --upgrade pip