Being Hacked?

I write to ask you for your technical support, (this is somewhat personal), in relation to my HP laptop. This is machine I being using for a long time, and it is yet strong. I am happy with it though I wish I have a budget for a new one.

I feel there has being “hackers” or certain unwanted applications or software being installed, while I am on line. Lately I have installed NordVPN (3 years) and I am using Bitdefender total security. Thought I have repeated sent them tickets they say everything is fine. But when I ask for the lab reports they decline to give. Especially Bit Defender. I believe they do not want to admit there is a hole or a bug, in their software.

The reason to seek your technical help is to, seek advise if there is a free software where I can run and clean my computer.

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If you are on Windows 10, just do a full scan with windows defender first to see if there are any malicious apps installed or not. I don’t understand about “lab reports”? When you full scan from Bitdefender also, you can see the scan report. Also, why do you think in the first place that some unwanted apps are installed on your system?

Good day to you Apurv,

This is a Windows 7 Home Premium. (Please ignore the lab reports, as I had sent this e-mail to Nathen, who in return he with kind advised me to post here or on the other link)

I have done that Apruv.

I feel there are unwanted apps are being “installed” . There are too many start ups and I find it hard to figure out what is what?

The computer boot up is more than 5-7 min. When I am long on the internet my laytop is behaving strangly!

My question and doubt is, if a “hacker” has installed an app or two, there is a very good chance it may have bypassed Bitdefender. Having said that, my ticket for Bitdefender was, Services of Bitdefender was killed and dropped off while I was on the net. No matter how much I tried to start the service, it would not permit me, while ON LINE? Is this normal? The only was was to shut down the laptop, wait 5-10 min ten reboot. Even then I have to start the service manually. Even NordVPN was dropped, service was killed. This took place continuely last year but now settled. The bad thing is when your defences are killed you do not see and observe that until late. This where were who ever killed the serves and defences could come in?? Install an app or two? I feel my internet security did fail. I feel during this space something did take place.

This is why I think what I think…

One thing you should understand that no antivirus solution can stop all kinds of malware. If you indeed downloaded something and ran it and your antivirus was forced shut then there might be some malware installed on your system. It can be a possibility. This is why I asked you to do a full scan of your system. Try different antiviruses and do a full scan. If you are not satisfied then you can always format your entire system and reinstall everything again.

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Hello Apurv,

Well I ran the FULL scan few times. Then, NO I have not installed download and installed anything without the Antivirus was in active.

Thank you for that anyways.

No further questions.