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Hi Professor,

I have been putting myself in the best discipline possible to start my career in the CyberSec way and i honestly want to become one of the best ones… I love study and practice, but i have some questions like:

Everything is about the current course i am, Ethical Hacking v10.

Why to use buffer overflow to access if i have already the access to the computer?(in the examples you made you were trying to get the access compromising services, but you were already in the pc also you were checking lot of things from the victim computer that were facts of the hacking and i just got confused about the whole usage of the BO.
I really would love to have more information or the documents or resources you said in the video you can send.

Once i finish the course, i would like to receive those materials you mention in the video to practice and check if i am ready for the CEH exam and test.