Better Solution for Hide Tracks-Volume 1, Section 11. Security Through Isolation and Compartmentalization


I have already finished the volume 1-cyber security and it was amazing!

I am thinking what is the best way for someone who wants to dive into pentesting to hide his/her tracks better.

Specifically, I saw in the volume 1 the solution of Qubes OS with Whonix OS but because it’s difficult for someone to have two separate laptops/pcs with a lot of resources(RAM, CPU), one for personal use(games, unity) and second for pentesting (QubesOS) I have been thinking a second better solution in order to hide the tracks apart from previously mentioned OSs.

-Could be a good solution Windows host OS and inside this host a Kali Linux or Parrot OS as a Virtual Machine through Virtual Box with the help of Whonix gateway VM?

-And If someone has 32gb RAM and 16core-32 Threads (AMD) CPU is it a good solution for hiding tracks to use Qubes OS via USB or it will be difficult to set up?

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Dive into pentesting to hide your tracks?

I would advise to do either one of them at a time: Pentest or anonymity.

Pentesting in its very nature can be very noisy, so if anonymity is a concern I would recommend adding pentest tools to an “anonymous” OS(Qubes, Tails, Whonix)

Read this comparison:

The USB would work, it wont offer the same speeds as being directly accessible on the motherboard’s bus but that is an acceptable tradeoff for most people.

Hope this helps!