Bettercap hstshijack

I’m trying to use the hstshijack script downloaded from the lectures.I launched:

bettercap -iface wlan1 -caplet spoof.cap

I checked all with the help command. If I enter hstshijack/hstshijack I get the following error:

[sys.log] [err] Redirection '[wlan1] (TCP):80 -> 192.168…( myIP ) : 8080 already enabled

How can I solve it?

Hi Acutone,

The above error means that port 8080 is in use (already enabled), therefore try to see which service is running on 8080, then kill the interfering process:

List listening services on port 8080:

netstat -antep | grep :8080

Kill forcefully the Process by it’s Identifier(id)

kill -9 <PID>

Then try again the attack, and please make sure that the attacker machine and the target machine are both on the same subnet.