Bettercap not allowing me to see websites

I’ve been following the lectures by zaid exactly by the book. The entire process seems to work but I am getting different results. Rather than getting the names of websites or even usernames and passwords, I am getting vague links that always end in .local also both my hack computer and my victim computer are virtual machines and were both made and use the same machines and software that is provided by zaid himself.

Also yes, this is an HTTP site.

Nevermind, I finally fixed this by adding the line “set net.sniff.local true” Even though this is stated that it is to be used against HTTPS, it seems to be necessary for HTTP at least in my situation. Either way the issue appears to be fixed.

i m stuck with the bettercap new version too. any luck

There are lot of issues with bettercap - (track here). Maybe try using an old version