Bettercap problem

Http traffic isn’t even showing up when I run net.sniff on. It just shows mdns nothing else. Any suggestions?

There are many open forum posts for bettercap. Just search through the forum. If you find it then good otherwise just leave bettercap. There are a bunch of problems with bettercap and it’s not worth your time learning this one tool.

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thank you boss✊🏽

Hi Apurv-StationX,

I understand that you said that it’s not worth any time learning this tool (BETTERCAP) because i have already faced problems with it, specifically with HTTPS and HSTS (it is herding cats to downgrade HTTPS to HTTP sites with HSTS).

So, my question is, there is some alternative way to do this or at this time there is nothing (tool or something else) to do about this topic?

Thank you in advance

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Very good question, I’m also curious about that.

With all the latest security implementations put by browsers and ISPs, it is hard to circumvent HTTPS in current times. But this topic is still good to know.