Bettercap wifi.recon on error

Guys can you please help me with this error. I am running kali 2020.4 in Vmware on Win 10. I am also using the TPlink WN722N V1 wireless adaptor. Following Professor Ks excellent youtube tutorial on Bettercap everything goes great until I run the wifi.recon on command then I get this error. “error while setting interface wlan0mon in monitor mode: Cannot set rfmon for this handle”. The wireless adaptor is in monitor mode. I am not a newbie to windows pc but I am really trying to get into linux especially kali but there are so many parameters. I can run Airgeddon and Wifite no bother but so far Bettercap has me stuck fast.

Let me tell you one thing, betttercap is not worth your time. You can see a lot of issues with bettercap here on this forum. You will not come across it in real scenarios in majority of the time. @Edwin might be able to help you but I am not sure.

As @ Apurv-StationX points out, Bettercap is really a waste of your time. Yes you may be able to intercept an http site. But if it is a bit more secure, you can really forget about it. You are going to invest a lot of time in it. But in the end you will not use it. For wifi I just use aircrack-ng or The LAZY script.

And when I think a MITM is going to work, I use ettercap.
The LAZY script also has MITMf in the script.
You can also use that instead of bettercap.

Edwin & Apurv, I’m bowing down with reverence and thanks. You saved me so much wasted time. Bettercap is indeed an utter waste of my time and the LAZY Script is quite incredible by comparison.

thank you both.