Brainpan 1 VM Enumeration and Explortation

I am now working on Lesson 7 and at a showing time frame of 7.30 which is showing Kali Linux Terminal ,showing it being at [rootkali:~/brainpan# ls], I have attempted to come up with the “brainpan” folder to be able to run the commands you discuss, but am not able to locate them in the Kali system files… any help appriciated


As indicated in the video, you need to download the python scripts from my github -

I just checked and I see that the “” program is loaded in the "Windows 7, Program files, Immunity Inc, Immunity Debugger, Pycommands. Any thoughts or ideas

I changed the time shown to 7.30 instead of 7.03, it was my mistake in typing, please forgive

I don’t understand your question. What is your issue with

When I look at the window shown at time stamp 7.27 it shows a terminal running [ root@kali:~/brainpan# ls ] and it shows 6 different .py commands at time stamp 7.39… if I try to run the command shown at time stamp 7.49 all I get is a blank vi page. If I try to find the file brainpan on the kali machine it is not there. You mentioned in the lecture up to this point you would show us how to get the stuff from windows 7 to kali, but it is obvious to that I am not able to figure out how to do what I need to do…any help appreciated.


Like I said, you need to download the files. They do NOT come with Kali by default. The python files were created by me. Here is where you can download them.

Or from a terminal, type the following to download it - git clone

I hate to admit defeat, but I think that I have bitten off more than I am able to follow and understand, I guess when you are approaching 79 yoa that somethings need to be to left to younger students. I do appreciate all of you assistance and have enjoyed what I have been able to get done in your course, but not sure of if I should download the data to Windows 7 or to the Kali virtual program. Thanks again for the course, I really have enjoyed what I have been able to finish. SMJ41