Brave browser

Has anyone tested the Brave browser? Brave’s CEO is Mozilla’s co founder Brendan Eich and his main focus is security and privacy. It comes with built in ad block, tracking protection, fingerprint protection out of the box.

Although it is bit buggy, as it is still in development, it did fair well on some of the tests from the list of sites you have mentioned like panopticlick for example.

Im keeping my eye on this Browser. But currently I like the security and privacy features I can get on Firefox.

I was about to post a question on this matter.

Have you recently checked them out? The course content doesnt cover Brave but I believe that they are starting to get really noticed specifically since you dont get any advertisement what so ever as well as these features; and more, built in (See photo)

Yes I understand but I like Firefox and the add ons. Like ublock.

It is a choice between fine control (Firefox and ublock) or built-in automation.

Firefox with ublock will let you hand pick the links you wish to block, you can select from different lists, you can use the manual picker to select the page elements you wish to block, create your own filers and rules… there is so much you can do.