Bug Bounty Hunting - No Rate Limit Fake IP Error

I am working through Lecture 41 in the Ethical Hacking / Penetration Testing & Bug Bounty Hunting course by Rohit Gautam.

I downloaded the JYTHON Standalone 2.7.2 file as shown, then when I point to it in Burpsuite, under the Extender, Options, Python Environment I only get the file name itself shown . When following the lecture, it shows being able to select Fake-IP.py.

I go with what I have but clearly it doesn’t work. What am I missing, please?


Did you download the fakeip.py file from its GitHub repo? https://github.com/TheKingOfDuck/burpFakeIP
If not then download it and keep it in the folder that you are selecting.

Thank you. It wasn’t so obvious at first but I worked it out in the end!