Bug Bounty website

Where to find bug bounty websites
means from which source i find that this this website is open for finding bugs.

Look for vulnerability disclosure programs or bug bounty programs that a particular company might be running independently.

Just run a google query “Company name” bug bounty program or responsible vulnerability disclosure.

You can always go to the more popular bug hunting platforms like hackerone, bugcrowd or intigriti.

If you have some experience you can also apply to private programs like becoming a synack red team member.

There is not always a conclusive way to figure out if a company will pay a bounty if you hunt independently of the major hunting platforms. It depends on how good a report you submit (something within your control) and how much budget does the company have or have a policy for paying(something outside your control).

Enjoy hunting.

PS: Finding a bug and then asking a company to pay you for it(in case they don’t) or pay a bigger amount is considered extortion so be careful.

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