Building network scanner and arpspoofer

Hi. So I have a problem with the arp spoofer. I built both the scanner and spoofer and they work great on the eth0 on the nat network. But when I change to wlan0 and try to spoof my PC or laptop it fails. I and then I noticed that I can’t discover devices on my router with arp -a. netdiscover works but with arp -a or the scanner I built on Zaids course doesn’t. I tried pinging my device ips and it for a couple of minutes I could see my devices using arp -a. But that only lasted a couple of minutes. I have a brand new alfa awus036ach and I’m really hoping that it’s not what’s causing the issue. Let me know which screenshots you need

Not sure what is wrong here. The alfa adaptor should work fine for this use case. There are some problems with the adaptor in Kali but it is mostly that it doesn’t show up. If you can see your adaptor in your VM then it should be working. What error do you get when running arp -a?