BurpSuite Connection to Web Browser

Hi @Ziad, I may be missing something. After I open my burpsuite browser, login to portswigger, pick a lab, the commands I sent to the browser are no longer showing up in Burp Suite after I turn intercept on. What could I have done wrong because it was working for all labs to date on portswigger. When I send or search alert(1) on lecure 50;Learn Bug Bounty Hunting & Web Security Testing from Scratch, I get the following error;

Note: Aler1is an html cmd (alert1) coming out only as alert1 on text.
Thank you in advance.

Hi Ziad, If you notice my msg above, alert1, is supposed to read square (<) brackets b square brackets then alert(1) / square brackets b then square brackets. Why is that?

Hi, As you said that your burpsuite was working for other labs and stopped working now, I would suggest trying to intercept some other website like this one - “https://google-gruyere.appspot.com/”. Perform all the steps of intercepting and sending commands to this website and check if it is executing properly or not on the website.

Also, please show the actual command you type in burp for alert so it can be clear that the command is correct syntactically.

Thank you @Apurv-StationX . I eventually managed to get it going and if I run across the same issue I promise to document then let you know. Awesome work @StationX.