Buying cheap windows keys of eBay?

Hi folks

Bought two windows 10 enterprise ltsc keys off of eBay for about $5 each, with the view to test for cyber sec roles and do modifications that win 10 home versions dont allow, such as group policys, bitlocker, defender module etc

I was able to get one of them to install, but none of the keys they gave me worked, and i noticed some custom programs on the iso. It was a custom iso link from a google drive site, and was curious about the possible risks/potential inbuilt malware /viruses that could be installed within the iso or even at the firmware level. Ive done several virus scans and so far so good and at least one of the seller has a good rating

I dont use it very often as i cant stand bindows and my daily OS has become debian. I guess if you have a fast enough i7 PC you could probably run windows 10 images within a VM on linux with minimal speed loss?

Cheers for the tips

I’m also wondering about this. One of my friends built a PC and sold it to me but he had activated windows on it using a key that he purchased off of Ebay. I’ve been using the computer for about 2 years now and nothing suspicious has ever happened or popped up. Now that I’m aware of there possibly being some kind of hidden remote access code or some malware hidden on my machine it has me concerned. If I purchase a legitimate key from Microsoft (which I don’t mind doing) then will the possibility of malware/code be removed/fixed? Or will I need to completely ditch my Hard Drive/SSD and all my files?

If you have the Win in the VMWare, then it should be safe even if it is malicious. But I would suggest if you want to experiment on Windows or play with policies, ADs, etc., you should do it on a different subnet. Keep the machines in your home on one subnet and this particular machine with Windows 10 on a different subnet. One other solution would be to use cloud-based Windows 10.

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