Canary token in cloud drive

How could make the token works in cloud drive?
I already create a .docx token, the trap is fully working in windows explorer but after I uploaded the file and opening it in google drive or one drive from their web there’s no trigger come into my email.

I’m newly subscribed and just completed on section 1, if there’s more detail usage of this token just let me know in what module/course so no need to answer the question above just let me explore by myself.

If your token isn’t triggering it can be a number of reasons.

First try a webug token. Generate a token. Its the top option. Its a URL token. If this doesn’t work, the possible reasons are;

  • The alert email has gone to your spam folder
  • You have an email issue
  • There is a Problem with my server.
  • Something else.

Let me know if the webug doesn’t work.

Other servers to try are

As stated in the lecture the tokens don’t work on all version of every application, configurations and OS. So for example the PDF token will only work on Adobe and the Word token will only work on Word. Some version of Word and Adobe may also not work depending on your version and configuration. Try this server to see if you have better luck

If your tokens did work and then stopped working. This could be a caching issue. This means your tokens will still work on another machine. Or if you want to test on your own machine clear your caches. Try clearing your browser cache and DNS cache. How you do this depends on your browser and OS. So google for the answer. Or just try on another machine.

The tokens aren’t perfect but as a minimum, the webug should always work.