Can't access wlan1 on nethunter oneplus7 pro android 11

Installed twrp and rooted oneplus 7 pro android 11 using magisk. I tried to flash the nethunter zip file using twrp but it caused error saying not enough space in /system to install the nethunter. However, I have installed the nethunter through magisk app modules installation feature on my phone. Right now the problem is that I can’t use wlan1 external wireless adapter sine it doesn’t get listed in (ip a ) or (iwconfig) or (iw dev) commands on kali chroot that is installed together with nethunter. I used a y cable (otg cabel) (Type C Type A usb male female) and the adapter is a Alfa double bands 802.11ac AWUS036ACH. The nethunter’s kernel is Linux kali 4.14.234-cyberknight777-1-0 #1 SMP PREEMPT MOn may 31 …aarch64. I appreciate for any help. The lecture I am looking at is Hacking Using Android from Scratch and it’s instructor is Zaid. Thank you so much.

Difficult to tell what the issue is in this case. Could be a phone issue or the adaptor issue or the way you installed nethunter. Try the solution provided here - USB WiFi Adapter not working (AWUS036NEH) (#238) · Issues · Kali Linux / NetHunter / build-scripts / kali-nethunter-devices · GitLab

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Thank you for your help. I reinstalled the magisk and nethunter and kali chroot again. Now when I use lsusb command, alfa’s chipset is listed but its interface isn’t listed under ip a and iw dev so I can’t use command ip link to up or down wlan1. Under ip a I get only wlan0 listen I can’t find any other interface that looks like an external adapter interface. Another strange thing is uname -r displays the linux kali 4.14.234.-cyberknight… when I look inside kali chroot its kernel name is something like kali arm64 something like that. Thats why when I tried to manually uninstall and reinstall the driver for this external adapter alfa AWUS036ACh, the installation process recognizes the linux kali 4.14.234-cyberknight… as a system that hosting kali chroot(nethunter kernel). I also built manually a nethunter specific to my device and flashed it over the existing nethunter system but it didn’t help to recognize my external adapter interface and it didn’t change the name of kernel. I might try to install this tailored nethunter kernel fresh on clean system. It looks like my work is a mess right now I appreciate any suggestions. My apology for the double posting. Different categories confuse me which one is the right one for my question. Last time (a year ago) I posted under the first category and I didn’t get any answer or I was impatient, so I posted under The complete Cyber Security Course. I use this category from now on. Thank you.