Can't find the E-book, despite seeing the first episodes of the course


Unfortanutely I cannot find the E-book. I’ve looked on the forum and you guys mentioned to watch the first video’s of volume. I did, but without results.

Is it possible you send me the link?


Looking for link as well to EBook, having difficulty in locating this EBOOK
Thank you

I found it just below the first lecture window. Scroll down as far as you can below the lecture window, assuming it’s not in full-screen mode. If you still don’t see it, try link below:

Thank you, the link under the lecture wouldn’t work for me. Now I have realised that I’ve been writing lots of things down for me to remember and go through… To find it’s all in this ebook. (Luckily I’m not far in). Now I can use this and highlight what I need too, etc.

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@dcgregg Not everything that is in the videos is in the e-book and you are free to use the e-book as you please of course, but writing things down is a very good way to remember more information than you would with just highlighting information. Do with that information what you like and either way good luck with your studies!

Is that e-book only for volume 1 as i cant find e-book for other volumes.

Thank you for posting this update

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