Can't spoof DNS with apache2

Hi, i have newly installed kali OS on my external hard drive and try to do what i’m leaning in Zaid’s courses. When i try bettercap and arp spoofing aigainst a real computer(Win10 OS), it works, but when i start my apache server and run hstshijack attack aigainst the computer… It doesn’t works. It seems like the server is active(, i was thinking that i need to install an old version of bettercap (like v2.23) and i’ve done it but my dns spoofing doesn’t works and i don’t match the problem.

Please can you help me ASAP.
PS: i haven’t modified apache2’s configuration

So, when i try to connect directly to my apache2 IP ( with my target computer or my phone, it works… But my dns spoofing and hijacking doesn’t work

Highly likely it’s because of the old version of bettercap or new version of browsers. Is your ARP spoofing working normally busing ettercap? Try ettercap just to see if you have spoofed IP or not.