Certificate Authorities and HTTPS

Hey Nathan!
You said that a VPN would provide partial security only (the red area in the image would be defenseless for the VPN to reach). Why would that happen? Wouldn’t the VPN reach that side aswell? I thought a VPN would protect your whole navigation in both directions, encripting the data and being a substitute for HTTPS in some occasions.
If a site has no HTTPS (or a well-certified one), is it dangerous to navigate in it and share important data even with a VPN?

And thanks for answering me in my last topic. This course is changing my professional life.

Well yes and no, there are two types of VPNs.

What I am showing here is the sort of VPN you use to connect to other websites/services for privacy. You only have a VPN as far as the VPN terminator. You can’t have a VPN all the way to the websites you want to visit as the sites don’t run a VPN server.

There is a second type of VPN. Which is a site to site VPN. In these, all traffic is encapsulated in the VPN. This might be used to connect to an office network from home for example.

So even if I use a VPN service like ExpressVPN, my assets would be vulnerable in midway of the connection?

They wouldn’t be encrypted with a VPN no. They could be encrypted with HTTPS. I suggest you watch the whole section on VPNs in volume 3.