Certificate Authority

Hi Nathan,

I’m still little confuse about Chain Of Trust in CA and how it works. Specially in the working of root CA and intermediate CA. Can you share any document which cover more detail about how certificate authorities work.

Can you please give more clarity that if bogus or fake CA is generated against my website whaat threats could be possible. As CAs and domain names are attached to specific IPs so what can be done with fake CAs and how it is possible for the fake certificate to work whenwe have a specific DNS entry against it.

Check this;

Any CA can issue a certificate for your website including a bad actor. In that even in compilation with a MITM attack people could be sent to a bogus website that is not yours and the certificate still be trusted and look good.

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Thanks …this Vedio was really Good

Nathan … I want to do some research in Cyber Security and want to write some research paper …bu I dont know how to begin … Can you please help me how to start

What is stopping you?