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I would like to know why does it take 28 days to release the certificate of completion for each volume of The Complete Cyber Security Course? In Udemy, once you have completed a course, you will be given a certificate of completion immediately. I have not received my certificate for the first volume of this course and it is already more than 28 days. I have already sent an email to Tiron to follow up on this issue. Thank you.

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The Udemy cert is instant when you complete the course. Our cert takes time because it is manually processed. This is a free service that I don’t have to provide.

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Im very curious, how do CPE credits work, and in what ways could one use these certs to advance one’s career?

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Every student of security has to earn continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits to maintain their certifications. Like CISSP, CISM, CISA etc

The requirements of CPE ensure that certification holders remain knowledgeable about the current industry developments. CPE requirements can be fulfilled by attending conference calls, seminars, webinars and industry conventions, and through self-study like here.

Different organizations have different rules for what will count as a CPE.



I’ve just joined up as I’ve just completed volume 2 but trying to get the certificate application in, the following url is broken, is there any other way to apply for the certificate?

What url is broken?

Use the contact form to make a request https://www.stationx.net/contact/

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Is it possible to use these courses to count as credits towards the cert? Or is it more for just maintenance once you have the cert?

This speaker suggests that one can forego expensive training, and get right into just doing the test. A worthwhile watch i thought

What do you mean use a credits?

As credits towards a certification or getting other qualifications

You don’t need credits to get a certificate? You sometimes need work experience. Do you mean CPE?

I see, i just meant to use as points or credits or experience towards getting a certification, not just upkeeping a current certification. Just looking at creative ways to use this course experience :slight_smile:

The courses train you to pass certs. There is no credits until you pass. These are called CPEs.

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This is very way to keep up with and be current. Thank you

Hi Nathan,just finished vol.4 of Complete Cyber Sec Course, I didn’t see where to apply for certificate of completion. How do I go about doing that?
Great course!

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Hi, make a request at Contact

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