Choose a good hardware router

Hey Nathan I wanted to ask you if you had any recommendation for good hardware router which you have personally used for someone as a Nation State as adversary

i’m not an expert on that by any means but, if i was looking to defend myself against nation state, there is one thing it would be sure, nothing would be done from my house or any internet connection related to me.

so, if i was you and you really want to do anything from your home, a hardware router would be the last thing i would buy because you can’t realy know if the nation state are not already able to pass through. i would look for a software router like pfsense or any linux with the iptables (or any current name of it) configure to share the internet connexion. as long as it maintain by the community, you have less chance to have nation state having hands on it since a lot of people always looking to analyze the code (so could you if you really want to validate the information)

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Against a nation state you need to be portable. Have you seen volume 3?

I have seen volume 3 but you have not personally tested the portable routers and safeplug which you mentioned isn’t portable that the reason I’m asking as far as I know anonabox is not secure according to a few articles I have read online…

I’m referring to the general challenge of a nation-state covered by volume 3. A home router isn’t really a consideration. You need to be portable.

But if you insist. Then use a router that you flash with something like dd-wrt.

if i may add,

having a router (any kind of it) won’t help you that much to be anonymous (or protected) against nation state. the only thing that will protect you is how you will work from now on on the internet.

if you really want to be portable, use virtual machine on a good laptop. configure one as your main router with a good firewall configuration. configure every system you want to use to pass by that machine, so if this specific vm is not online, you should not be able to get to the internet. from there, you will be able to implement everything that was mentionned in those volume (tor, jondoe, vpn, etc) to have any communications encrypted.

if i remember well the product he was mentionning in the volume 3 was a small router with a ssh and/or vpn integreted to have your communication encrypted. you can do all of this in a linux vm.

you won’t be more portable than that i can assure you… but yet again. all this information i just gave you here, was all in those volume from the cybersecurity course!

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