Cloud Security

What are the steps to secure our data on the cloud? How authentication process work between an authorized user and endpoint data? What are the 3rd parties vendor who provides authentication and encryption services on our data in the cloud?

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The answer to this is a course to its self and a security pros speciality.

Start by going here;

Look at things like;

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We were discussing this today whilst at work in a meeting and a couple of points was brought up.

  1. The first point was about cloud security and the websites mentioned.

  2. The second point was about the location i.e. countries, where the servers are located and how secure the sever complexes are.

Its something we will have to look into seriously because location could be a major decision if we are going to use cloud servers for our customers.

The CSA guidance cover location. Yes this obviously matters.

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Cloud security risks implies malicious users, seek to exploit cloud service security vulnerabilities to steal sensitive data for ransom or other illegal purposes. There are several security risks to consider when migrating to the cloud. The top-four dangers of cloud computing are data breach, poor access management, misconfigured cloud storage, and denial-of-service attack (DoS). I took it from here: You may need details.